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Anna Patch Anna played the lead female in 'The Archaeologist' Music Video by Speed of the Stars and has now been nominated as a finalist at the West End Film Festival 2017.
Steve Mack Steve Mack plays DR.Mallory, in the cinema Premier of Rhubarb & Custard
20th April 2017.

Official Trailer:

'When Vera's battle with Alzheimer's Disease takes a sudden turn towards the finish line, her nurse Julie is just one major factor in making Vera's death a silver lining.'

Produced by Payton Harkonen. Screenplay by Rhys Carr. Written & Directed by Jaidyn Griffin. Starring: Ann Ricketts, Jessica Leighton, Katie Routson, Chris Howard, Michael Deed, Steve Mack and Caitlin Munce. A Good Question Films Production. © 2017 All Rights Reserved.