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Who's in the Spotlight?

Get in our spotlight! Let us know if you have been cast recently and see what your fellow artists have accomplished.

Samantha Skelton Samantha played the lead (and only) role in the short film - "Filth" a controversial comedic story, questioning society and the expectations placed on women. Samantha is represented by Howell Management.
Steve Mack Steve Mack brings to life 'Friar Tomas', as filming is almost complete for this feature. Busy behind the scenes also, Steve is the Narrator for a production by LITTLE STUDIO FILMS. Other feature films now in post production are the likes of Hobson's Choice, and the much anticipated 2018 release of LIONSGATE productions IN LIKE FLYNN, directed by acclaimed veteran Russell Mulcahy, where Steve joins actors such as David Wenham, Thomas Cocquerel, Isabel Lucas, Clive Standen & William Moseley.
Anna Patch Anna has just wrapped filming upcoming web-series 'Frame of Mind', where she plays the lead female role of Aria.

Represented by Extra Edge Talent.