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Get in our spotlight! Let us know if you have been cast recently and see what your fellow artists have accomplished.

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Lawrence Ola Lawrence Ola has finished working with Hello SocialAU on several web commercials for Lendlease and Virgin Australia, which are now available to view on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. He is represented by Howell Management.
Annette Melton Annette recently shot for the world's largest producer of spirits, Diageo. Look out for the soon-to-be released ?Summer Drinks? campaign featuring Annette.
Annette Melton Australian Wine brand, Grant Burge will feature Annette across their new ?Sparkling Rose? advertising campaign. Keep an eye out for her in the chic shoot.
Annette Melton Annette has been cast for EBay Australia as their gorgeous 'beauty girl'. Keep an eye out for her ad in the beauty space!
Annette Melton Annette has been cast in (beauty guru) Chloe Morello's latest Screen Australia funded web series, YouTube Famous. Catch her in season two, to be released later in the year.
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