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  Casting Professionals Benefits

eCaster is a private computerised network comprised of reputable agents, casting directors, production companies, photographers and advertising agencies. eCaster is the most sophisticated and comprehensive electronic Casting available exclusively for industry professionals. The job management system is a time saving feature and enables the casting director to effectively track all aspects of the project from breakdown preparation and distribution, on-line searching, appointment scheduling for auditions and callbacks, right through to booking confirmations.

Job Card

The job card is an integral part of the system as it maintains all detailed and relevant information pertaining to the job. Such information includes details about the invoicing party, the producer, advertising agency, photographer, job location, audition, call back and job dates as well as locations, wardrobe, stylist information and, of course, the role breakdowns together with their negotiated artist fees. The job card system also maintains scripts and sides for each role which can be securely accessed by the selected artists and their agents. Once completed the job card is archived by the system and can be viewed by the Casting Professional for future reference and to confirm usage rights.


Easily prepare Breakdowns for roles and forward electronically to agents. The system catalogues the submissions received from the agents in accordance to the project and roles that they pertain to. The casting professionals are just one click away from viewing a submitted artist's complete portfolio (headshots, resume, looks and skills database, audio and demo audio reels). Upon review the casting professional then selects the artists he or she wishes to audition and electronically forwards suggested audition times to the respective agent. These artists are then catalogued to Audition status within the system. The process is repeated for the call back and job confirmation process with the system appropriately cataloguing the relevant artists in the appropriate level in the system. Immediately, the casting professional can view which artists are at submission, audition, callback and job level. In addition the Casting professional can view confirmed appointments for each artist. This process which would normally take hours occurs within minutes on eCaster.

Dynamic Search

Our comprehensive system also allows the Casting professional to easily search the artist database to select artists that meet the criteria for the roles. The search system can be simple (search on gender and age) or as complex as required (search for a specific look and/or skill). The artist can then be attached to a specific role in a project and the system then notifies the artist's agent of audition times.

Industry Contacts Directory

The system has a global industry participants contact directory which is catalogued under various categories including Agents, Casting Directors, Production Companies, Photographers, Advertising Agencies and Freelance Artists. Contact details can be transferred into your personal contact directory that can be amended and updated. The contact directory assists in all forms of communications with your clients including 2-way sms and email messaging. The contact directory also synchronises with MS Outlook and in turn with your PDA which provides complete portability of your contacts database.


Being able to effectively communicate with your clients, agents and other industry participants is critical to your operations. The eCaster system has adopted and implemented every electronic communication method available. Within the eCaster system you can send a variety of messages to individuals or multiple network members and/or to their email and mobile phones via sms messaging. The system also caters for internal communications to employees within your office. All your bases are covered and message receipt confirmations can also be requested by the system therefore ensuring the receiving party gets your message.


Your on-line secure personal scheduler can be updated at anytime from anywhere an Internet connection exists for any meetings, auditions, callbacks and jobs. You can also view and make entries to schedulers of other casting associates and assistants and vice-versa.


The security characteristics of the system occur at various levels. Firstly the system program language utilises encryption technology which can only be accessed by accredited industry professionals. All reasonable attempts are made to ensure that legitimate professionals register on the system. Access to the system is password protected which must comprise of a eight (8) digit characters comprising of alpha and numeric in both lower and upper case. In addition many of the features of the system can be de-activated therefore restricting employees access to sensitive areas.