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  The Management Team

The eCaster team is comprised of a diverse group of professionals who contribute their individual skills to provide an unparalleled level of industry expertise and service.


Joe:  Managing Director

Joe has over twenty-five years experience in consulting as a Chartered Accountant to businesses and individuals in the film, television and entertainment industry. Clients include production and post production companies, advertising agencies, casting directors, photographers, production crew, actors, models and their respective agents. Joe has also assisted numerous film productions in the sourcing of funding, insurance and production accounting services. Drawing on his in-depth knowledge of the entertainment industry in the creation of the eCaster system, Joe’s passion for the industry drives his commitment to the continuous development and enhancement of eCaster.

"Over the years as a professional consultant to the industry, I observed that there lacked the necessary tools to meet the needs of individual artists, agents and casting professionals. Hence, in 2001 I began the development of the eCaster system which was launched in November 2003."



Kaz:  eCaster NZ

Kaz has an extensive background internationally in software and management systems. For 15 years, his experience in consulting and operating his own business has seen him working in New Zealand, Australia, India, Asia, and the USA. His in-depth knowledge of management and software systems worldwide and locally ensures that your interface with eCaster New Zealand will bring you a benchmark tool designed specifically for the movie and talent industry.

"My objective is to assist members, at all levels to take full advantage of the time saving features of the eCaster system enabling them to focus on the bigger picture."



Adrian:  eCaster NZ

Adrian brings over 19 years of international brand building experience to eCaster New Zealand, having worked and lived in the USA, Europe, Sth Africa and Australia. During this time he has worked on brand resurrection through to the launching of new market initiatives in both the fashion and talent industries. As a focused and driven brand builder it is Adrian’s role to maximise the eCaster management tool at all levels of the casting, talent and modelling industries in New Zealand.

"The pressures placed upon all participants in the film and entertainment industry highlights the fact that tomorrow is too late. With eCaster, the demands are not only met but surpassed"



Sally:  New South Wales Manager

Sally has been working in the Entertainment Industry for over 5 years as the General Manager of a theatrical agency. She has had considerable event management experience in BTL campaigns for brands such as Sony, Nokia, Nescafe and McDonalds, as well as organising several fundraising events for ‘Miss World Australia’ and the ‘Miss Australia’ organisations. Sally became an immediate fan of the eCaster system since its inception in 2004 and today is part of the management team to assist eCaster Network Members throughout New South Wales.

"I believe that the many tools and features within the eCaster and eAgencie systems streamline and simplify the day-to-day operations of an agency.”



Heather:  Member Service Manager

Heather worked in the entertainment industry for over 10 years as a model, agent and trainer. Her passion and experience in the industry, particularly as a trainer makes her the ideal person to assist eCaster Network Members in all aspects of the system and service.

"I wish eCaster was around when I was operating my agency. The ability to instantly submit suggestions in response to casting notices from anywhere around the world means that actors and models are no longer missing out on vital work."



Vanessa:  Accountant

Vanessa has been involved in the Accounting industry for over 10 years, developing her career from administration duties to successfully completing a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting). Vanessa has working full time with the team since 2002 and brings a wealth of knowledge gained through her extensive experience working with clients in the film and entertainment industry. Whilst Vanessa’s role is diversified, her main tasks range from accounting, taxation and management functions and the upkeep of various computer software systems.



In addition we have a team of highly trained computer personnel who assist customers in all aspects in the day to day operations of the eCaster system.