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How eCaster online casting can benefit you
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On-Line Casting

As a member of the eCaster Network you able to use the in-built Online Casting system to deliver your castings to your client. Your clients will be impressed on how efficiently and timely your auditions are delivered to them that is not only professionally presented but very easy for them to use.
Compiling the On-Line Casting delivery system is very easy;

  • Following your casting all you need do is convert sessions recording in a web format (mpeg, mov or wmv and upload it to your eCaster system for each artist.
  • Select the artists which you wish to deliver
  • Place your comments for each individual artist
  • Enter your clients name and email address and press send

Within minutes of sending your client can scroll through your submission and view the audition footage of all or selected artists. It’s that simple and is available free of charge to Casting Professionals.