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How eCaster online casting can benefit you
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Traditionally Casting Directors based casting calls on the actor’s resume and photo. With advances in technology video show reels can be uploaded to your eCaster portfolio for distribution to Casting Professionals whether they are around the corner or around the world. Online video show reels attached to your profile give you the edge over other actors submitted for the audition. Casting Professionals can instantly view your show reel to gain an immediate insight into your onscreen appearance and acting ability. This not only results in a more efficient casting process but it also represents a cost saving in duplication and courier costs.

eCaster recognises that having your video reel online is the way the industry works. Should you not already have a video reel which you can upload then we are pleased to offer the eReel service to you.

eReel is like having a general audition in front of a Casting Professional. However, instead of reading set lines from a script, the actor conducts an introduction piece to camera highlighting his or her interests, training and experience. This not only gives the Casting Director a quick overview of your ability but also provides a valuable insight into your personality. We have assembled a team of local industry professionals to facilitate the whole process for you. Two eReel packages are available, both offering coaching from a Casting Professional to get the best possible result.


Basic Edit
Investment only: $225

  • Static Close-up Shot
  • Coaching by industry professionals
  • Recording of Intro to camera* (Duration: up to 30 seconds)
  • Editing and digitising of your eReel
  • Copy of Mpeg supplied to your agent
  • Uploading of your eReel for a 12 month period on eCaster

View Sample eReel


Superior Edit
Investment only: $295

  • 3 Separate Shots (full length, medium and close up profiles)
  • Coaching by industry professionals
  • Recording of Intro to camera*, accents, songs and routines (Duration: up to 45 seconds)
  • Editing and digitizing of your eReel (Multi Edit Clip)
  • Personal CD Rom copy of clip delivered to your agent
  • Uploading of your eReel for a 12 month period on eCaster

View Sample eReel

* Intro to camera can comprise a personal introduction of yourself, your interests, training and experience. Package variants are also available should you want to showcase more of your talent. Drama and vocal coaching is also available if required. All prices are GST inclusive.



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To register your interest or to learn more about eReel, either contact your agent or alternatively to send us an enquiry eMail.
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