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Actors and Models

  Artists Packages & Pricing

Professional Package (all prices include GST)

This package is suitable for Actors, Models, Extra, Singers, Dancers, Presenters, Voice-Over, Stunt and Character Performers, Sporting Performers and Personalities. Membership subscription is on a monthly basis and payments are to be made monthly in advance. Your monthly membership includes:

  • Password protected URL address and web-site.
  • Ten (10) still image photos .
  • Comprehensive biography and resume.
  • Personal and financial details database.
  • Detailed looks and skills profile.
  • On-Line interactive scheduler.
  • Personal Messaging and e-mail System.
  • SMS messaging system.
  • Print material system (comp card, photograph etc).
  • Access to Industry and Artists discussion forums.
  • Electronic profile submission system.
  • eVideo - up to 3 minutes of MPEG video reel.
  • eAudio - up to 3 minutes of MP3 audio reel.
  • Agent representation seek system.
  • Portfolio listing available to be searched by Agents.

  • Freelance Artists - AUD$15 / NZ$18.50 per month
  • Represented Artists. This service is provided through your agent and you should obtain the necessary pricing directly with them.

Other Services

Service Cost
eCaster Profile
creation service
Send your registration form to eCaster and we will upload all your profile information. AUD$15/NZ$18.50
per profile
eCaster Profile
maintenance service
Send the details of your profile changes to eCaster and we will attend to the necessary update of your on-line portfolio. AUD$10/NZ$12.50
per update

eReel – Digital Audition

Includes Studio Session, taping, editing, digitizing and uploading on eCaster. AUD$225/NZ$255