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eCaster is a private computerised network comprised of professional casting directors, production companies, photographers and advertising agencies. eCaster is the most comprehensive electronic Casting and Agency Management system available for industry professionals.

eCaster efficiently catalogues all the details of your entire artist roster in a searchable database. eCaster is unlike other web-based casting systems in that we don’t charge your Artists to have their profile reside on the system. This service is provided at a nominal monthly charge to your agency. In turn you can on-charge your Artists for their profile. Provided that they are represented by your agency, you are responsible for management of the appearance of their complete profile on the system. Your represented Artist creates their profile detailing their specific looks, skills, photos, video and audio reels and resume, however their profile will not be activated on the system until your Agency confirms and validates their details.

As you receive job breakdowns either via the system or by e-mail you can search your artist roster and electronically submit the profile of artists that are suitable for the role’s specific criteria.

Manage the entire booking process from auditions to booking confirmations. eCaster facilitates communication of all appointments and interactively enters the details in the Artists individual daily scheduler.

Artist Scout System

This system is unique to eCaster, designed to assist artists in seeking representation, whilst making the process for Agents to add new faces to their agency roster more efficient. Un-represented artists will enter their profile details on-line including their looks, skills, training, experience, photos, audio and video reels and all their contact and statutory information. Following this, the un-represented artist can scan all Agents that are members of the eCaster Network based on their relevant search criteria (i.e. Location of the Agency and Artist categories that the agency represents).

In addition they can view your agency web-site to gain a greater understanding of your organisation. With just one click they can electronically request the selected agencies to represent them. If your Agency was selected, the eCaster system will forward their request, which will appear on your system. By clicking on their thumbnail image, the Agent can view their profile and consider them for representation. With just one click the un-represented artist will be automatically attached to your roster and your agency will be attached to their profile, thus saving time in physically entering their profile details in your Artist roster.  In addition, your agency can search for new faces and review their on-line profiles for potential representation. This feature is very effective when you require a large number of background extras to fill an urgent job.

Artists Roster

eCaster safely maintains an extensive profile for each artist in your roster. Artist’s vital information can be entered and maintained by your Agency, or by the individual artist thus saving agency time and ensuring artists information is up-to-date. Changes made by the artist will not be updated on the system until you validate them, thus ensuring the accuracy of the information.

Artist Database

The artist database is dynamic and extensive and maintains all relevant information about the artist to assist in job searches, submissions, communications and agency administration functions. Artist’s headshots, comp cards, resumes and business cards can be easily printed by the system should you require to manually submit their details.

Agency Profile

eCaster maintains an extensive database about your Agency. Information includes Agency contact details, its local and interstate offices, and employees details'. Employees will be issued with their own separate username and password and their profiles can be tailored so that they have restricted access to system functions. In addition, the Agency profile includes details about the services you provide, what artist categories you represent and what locations your artists can effectively represented. All these characteristics are easily searchable by clients and by un-represented artists who are seeking representation via our Artist Scout System.

Industry Contacts Directory

The system has a global industry contact directory which is catalogued under various categories including Agents, Casting Directors, Production Companies, Photographers, Advertising Agencies and Freelance Artists. Contact details can be transferred into your personal contact directory which can be amended and updated. The contact directory assists in the systems phone and e-mails communications. The contact directory also synchronises with MS Outlook and in turn with your PDA, which provides complete portability of your contacts database.


Being able to effectively communicate with your clients, artists and other industry participants is critical to agency operations. The eCaster system hasimplemented every electronic communication method available. eCaster enables you to send a variety of messages to individual or multiple network members via email and sms, with a message recipt option available to ensure your message is received. The system also caters for internal communications to agency employees within the office or at interstate branches.

Agency Scheduler

Each employee within the agency has their individual scheduler which can be updated at anytime from anywhere for any meetings or to block-out times that they are out of the office. Other employees within the office can view a fellow employees schedule or view and add appointments and other events in the schedules of seven (7) other agency employees at the same time. When viewing the schedule the agency employee is able to identify who made the entry in their schedule.

Artist Scheduler

Each artist on your roster has their own individual scheduler which can be updated at anytime from anywhere for meetings or to block-out times that they are not available to work. Employees of the agency can view and add entries to individual and/or multiple artists schedule in combination with schedules of other agency employees.


Breakdowns are posted on-line by eCaster Network members for Feature Films, Television, Commercials and Print Media. The system also caters for breakdowns that are received external to the system (via e-mail, phone or via facsimile transmissions). We’ve thought of everything!

The system allows the agent to easily search the artist roster to select artists that meet the breakdown criteria for the roles. The search criteria can be simple (search for gender and age) or as complex as the agent requires (search for specific look and/or skill). Prior to submitting the artists, eCaster also advises the booking agent whether there are any factors that prohibit the artist from undertaking the assignment. Such restrictions may comprise of artist unavailability, any potential conflicts and any specific “no-can do's” as stated by the artist (e.g. nudes or extras work).

Artist Submissions

The eCaster function effectively and efficiently submits one or more of your artists’ electronic profiles in response to breakdowns received via the eCaster system or externally. Submitting artists to clients for whatever reason can be done via a variety of secure and quick methods. Artist submissions can be sent within the eCaster system to network members only, or alternatively, selected artists thumbnail images can be embedded in an email format which displays their critical information to the right of the image. Should the client require more information they can simply click on the thumbnail image and the artist's detailed profile can be viewed via the client’s web browser.


The major feature of eCaster is the job management system which effectively and safely processes the booking process from receipt of project breakdowns, forwarding submissions, appointment scheduling for auditions and callbacks, right through to booking confirmations.

Job Card

The job card is an integral part of the system as it maintains all detailed and relevant information pertaining to the job. Such information includes details about the invoicing party, the producer, advertising agency, photographer, job location, audition, call back and job dates, as well as locations, wardrobe, stylist information and of course the role breakdowns together with their negotiated artist fees. The benefit of this system is that clients can catalogue all submissions from numerous agents effectively within the job card. Here the client can view and select which artists he/she wishes to electronically “bump-up” to audition callback and job level. When the client bumps the artist to these respective levels the agent is instantaneously notified by the eCaster system together with all relevant information pertaining to the job (e.g. suggested appointment times, fees for each artist).

Upon viewing the job card, the booking agent can immediately identify which of their represented artists are selected and at which stage of the booking process they are at. This allows the booking agent to effectively advise their artists of all the job and appointment details directly to their email or mobile phone. The job card system also maintains scripts and sides for each role which the booking agent and artist can access on-line. Once completed the job card is archived by the system and can be viewed by the agent for future reference and to assist in rollovers or to confirm usage rights. In addition details regarding the job are logged for the individual relevant artists to facilitate activity reporting.

Cost Savings

The major benefit of the system is the cost savings that are achieved through the cutting of time and money spent on the preparation and delivery of submissions. In addition the agency is charged a nominal monthly fee to cover the cost of the system, on-going enhancements, support and marketing activities.